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Republic of Cyprus
Civil Registry Section

Issue/ Replacement of Refugee Identity Card

The Refugee Identity Card is issued to displaced persons.

The following persons are regarded as displaced:
    • those who before and until the invasion had their usual residence in any Turkish - occupied area
    • those who before and until the invasion had their permanent residence in the free areas because of their profession but their house and/or their property in general was in the occupied areas
    • those who before and until the invasion had their temporary residence abroad due to an obligation which emanated from a permanent appointment or an appointment on contract offered them while they resided in Cyprus and provided they were not emigrants.

Documents required:

In the case of applications for issue of a Refugee Identity Card for the first time (NEW) the applicant should submit the following:
    • A completed relevant application form
    • Marriage/Engagement to Marry Certificate/a newspaper notice about a promise to marry.
    • Birth Certificate
    • Parents’ Refugee Identity Cards
    • Parents’ Number of Identity Cards.

For the issue/replacement of a Refugee Identity Card which has a check seal with the date 1/1/1983 and afterwards, the following are required:
    • A completed relevant application form
    • The numbers of the Identity Cards of all the members of the family
    • Birth Certificates of children.

When the displaced person who is already holder of a refugee Identity Card has more children after the issue of his Refugee Identity Card, he can submit an application for inclusion of the names of the children in the Refugee Identity Card.

Issue of Certificate of Displaced Family

The Certificate of Displaced Family is granted to the holder of a valid Refugee Identity Card for confirmation of the composition and the particulars of the members of his family.

Note: The issue and replacement of a Refugee Identity Card as well as of a Certificate of Displaced Family are free of charge.

Download Acrobat File Application for displaced person identity card.pdf (File Size: 662,77Kb)

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