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The Council of Ministers, with its Decision on 15.10.2021, decided to replace the current policy regarding the issuance of temporary residence and employment permits to employees of existing and new companies of foreign interests registered in the Republic with a new Strategy for Attracting Businesses for Activities or/and Expansion of their Activities in Cyprus.

The current policy will remain in force until 31.12.2021, while the new Strategy will enter into force on 2.1.2022. A first update on the new Strategy can be found on the relevant webpage of the Ministry of Finance (in English only).

If you are aware of the current policy for companies of foreign interests, you can follow the steps below for the preparation of the application and documents to be attached to it. If you are interested in further information on the policy in place, please read first the paragraphs following the steps below.

Step 1:
Follow the link below and study the content of the page.

Step 2:
Follow the link below that corresponds to the category of staff you are interested in.

Step 3:
Download the documents on your computer.

Step 4:
Print the documents you downloaded. From the list of accompanying documents, choose the one that meets your needs, depending on which permit/ permits you will apply for.

Step 5:
After studying the list of accompanying documents for both the company's suitability and for obtaining a permit, collect the documents you need to submit.

(Attention to the documents that need to be submitted in their original form and duly validated/ certified. You can learn more in the validation of documents, here).

Attention, also, to the documents required to be collected by other Departments/ Services and documentation that may be required from abroad, since requisition in such cases may take time!

Step 6:
Fill in and sign any other forms that may have to accompany the application.

Step 7:
Fill in all the fields of the application form and sign it. Beware of the parts requiring signatures from third parties.

Step 8:
Submit the application and the documents to the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

It is emphasised that at the time of the application submission, the photograph, fingerprints and signature of third country national will be captured by authorised personnel. For convenience purposes, the capturing of the above may take place up to one (1) week after the submission of the application, at the District Units of the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police, at the District of residence (for all Districts except Nicosia) by presenting the application submission receipt and a valid travel document. The application is not considered complete and cannot be processed further if these data is not captured.

  • For information on the general application process for registration and obtaining a residence permit click here

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Companies that meet the above conditions, are entitled to employ third country nationals in the following categories, provided that they first obtain temporary residence and employment permits.

Category 1 - Directors:

In this category the following third-country nationals are included:
The minimum acceptable gross monthly salary for Directors is €4.000, an amount that may be adjusted from time to time, depending on fluctuations in the wage index.

Category 2 - Middle management executives and other key personnel:

In this category the following third country nationals are included:
  • Upper / middle management personnel,
  • Other administrative, secretarial or technical staff

The minimum acceptable gross monthly salary for this category is €2.000. Amounts may be adjusted from time to time, depending on wage index fluctuations.

Category 3 - Specialists:

Companies are entitled to employ third country nationals in professions / with skills as listed in Table 1 below:

#Professions / Skills
1Software and System Engineers
2Application and Data Architects
3Information and Communication Technology and Enterprise Solution Architects
4Technical Assurance Professionals
5Telecom and Space Engineers
6Data scientists
7Machine Learning Engineers
8Web Developers and designers
9UX User Experience Professionals
10Quantitative Analysts
11Quality Assurance Analysts
12Mobile Application Developers
13Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Programmers
14Digital Marketing Specialists
15Video Production Multimedia Specialists for Mobile Apps and Software
16Analysts for Mobile Apps and Software
17Designers of Prototype for Mobile Devices
18DevOps Engineers
19Cyber Security Specialists
20Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Big Data Specialists
21Pharmaceutical Formulation Technologists
22Pharmaceutical Engineer Validation Specialists
23Pharmaceutical Patents Specialists
24Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Quality Assurance Professionals
25Marine Engineers
26Naval Architects

The minimum acceptable gross monthly earnings for Specialists is €2.000, an amount that can be adjusted from time to time, depending on fluctuations in the wage index.

Companies already registered in the Register of Foreign Companies of the Civil Registry and Migration Department can automatically benefit from the Policy for employment of third country nationals in the Specialists’ category.

Category 4 - Support staff:

All third country nationals not included in the above categories.Companies are expected to fill in positions in this category with Cypriot or European citizens. In the case where there are no qualified Cypriots or European citizens available, a company may employ third country nationals in posts in this category at a rate of 30% of the total staff.

For this category, the General Employment procedure is followed, by submitting the certificates / supporting documents described in the relevant list of accompanying documents, after securing the positive recommendation (sealed employment contract) of the Department of Labor, which, for the granting of its positive recommendation, considers the above percentage.

The market test is not necessary for third country nationals with free access to the labour market.

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Where the conditions foreseen in the law are met, the third country national is granted a temporary residence and employment permit. The validity of the permit depends on the duration of the employment contract and can be up to two (2) years, with a right of renewal. Directors, Middle management executives and other key personnel as well as Specialists (Staff categories 1-3) may reside in the Republic without a time limit, provided they hold a valid temporary residence and employment permit.

For support staff, the restrictions applicable to the general employment of third country nationals in the Republic apply.

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