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Third-country nationals (including family members of European Union citizens not covered by the Right of Union Citizens and their Family Members to Move and Reside Freely within the Territory of the Republic Law No. 7(I)/2007), who have resided legally and continuously within the controlled areas by the Government of the Republic for five years prior to the submission of the relevant application and who posses valid residence permits.


○ Students or persons residing in the Republic for vocational training

○ Recognized refugees

○ Persons authorized to reside in the Republic on the basis of subsidiary protection

○ Asylum seekers

○ Persons residing in the Republic on temporary grounds or persons whose residence permit is formally limited

○ Persons enjoying a legal status governed by the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and 1963, the Convention of 1969 on Special Missions or the Vienna Convention on the Representation of States in their Relations with International Organizations of a Universal Character of 1975

Procedure / Applications

○ The relevant forms (MLT1) can be obtained from the Offices of Civil Registry and Migration Department, the District Offices of Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police and from the internet

○ Applications along with the required documents should be submitted in person at the Offices of the Department in Nicosia after calling at 22-403921 and 22403943 for appointment arrangements. Applicants can be accompanied, if they wish, by their lawyer or employer

○ Applications that are not accompanied by ALL the required documents will not be accepted for examination

○ The application fee €30 must be paid at the Cashier of the Department in cash

○ The Department must be informed of any change of the applicant’s circumstances during the examination period

○ The examination period of an application is estimated to be 6 months (applicants are advised not to contact the Department for information regarding the result of their application within the said time period for avoiding delays in the process)

Required Documents/Certificates

Applications must be accompanied by:

(a) Passport or other travel document valid at least for two years and copies of the above (including the pages which show the stamps of arrivals and departures) certified by the President of the Community Council (Mukhtar) or a Certified Officer
(b) Valid residence permit in the Republic with residence address within the controlled by the Government of the Republic areas
(c) Stamped (by Stamps Commissioner) contract of employment with a registered with the Employees Registry employer of open duration or for at least eighteen months that states the exact salary. In case of self-employment, a written statement of self-employment is required with description of the intended job and declaration of the expected income accompanied by the registration receipt from Social Insurance Services.
(d) Certificates of academic/vocational qualifications, confirmation of previous experience and vocational/professional permits/licenses
(e) Income tax returns for the last five years and tax clearance certificate or confirmation from the Inland Revenue Department that there is no tax payment obligation
(f) Statement of social insurance contributions for the last five years for those cases where contributions are mandatory according to the provisions of Social Insurance Law or confirmation from the Social Insurance Services that there is no Social Insurance payment obligation
(g) V.A.T. returns for the last five years and tax clearance certificate in all cases where the provisions of the Value Added Tax Law are relevant or confirmation from the Customs and Excise Department that there is no V.A.T. payment obligation (for employment in self-owned companies or self-employment)
(h) Bank accounts statements
(i) Income declaration from sources other than employment which must be accompanied by Affidavit (special form can be provided)
(j) Title of ownership (if the title of ownership has not been obtained yet, the applicant must submit District Officer’s approval for the property purchase, the deed of sale and proof of payment) or rental agreement in applicant’s name accompanied by establishment description certified by the President of the Community Council (Mukhtar) and receipts of rent payments, phone, electricity or water bills for the last six months. In case that the employer provides accommodation outside of his/her own residence, accommodation description certified by the President of the Community Council (Mukhtar) must be presented accompanied by affirmation from the employer that he/she provides the said place. In case the employer provides in-house accommodation, room description certified by the President of the Community Council (Mukhtar) is needed
(k) Health Insurance Policy
(l) Criminal record certificate
(m) Certificate of knowledge of the Greek language (level A2) for foreigners (if necessary)


Applications for renewal should be submitted three months before the expiry date of the permit. The application fee is €30.

Required documents:

1. MLT form fully completed
2. Valid passport for at least two years and certified copies of the above, including the pages with the stamps of arrivals and departures from the Republic
3. The expired long-term residence permit
4. Criminal record certificate

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