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Republic of Cyprus
Organisation Chart

The CRMD is headed by a Director and it is divided into two Sectors: the Civil Registry Sector and the Migration Sector. Each Sector is divided into different sections, headed by Administrative Officers, each one being responsible for a smaller part of the Sector’s overall competencies. Each section is also staffed with general clerical personnel. The Sectors’ works are supported by the department’s archive, treasury and document printing unit.

Citizens’ service is curried out at the CRMD central offices, the Citizens One Stop Shops (Public Administration and Personnel Department, Ministry of Finance), the District Administrations (Ministry of Interior) and the Aliens’ and Immigration District Units of the Police (Ministry of Justice and Public Order) the latter being partially manned by CRMD personnel.

Furthermore, CRMD personnel partially staffs three check points between the areas under the effective control of the government of the Republic and the areas not under the effective control of the government.

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