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According to Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, Article 10 and Article 9 of Regulation (EC) No. 764/2008, Member States shall designate Product Contact Points. Product Contact Points shall, at the request of an economic operator or a competent authority of another Member State, provide the following information:

(a) the technical rules applicable to a specific type of product in the territory in which those Product Contact Points are established and information as to whether that type of product is subject to a requirement for prior authorization under the laws of their Member State, together with information concerning the principle of mutual recognition and the application of this Regulation in the territory of that Member State;

(b) the contact details of the competent authorities within that Member State by means of which they may be contacted directly, including the particulars of the authorities responsible for supervising the implementation of the technical rules in question in the territory of that Member State;

(c) the remedies generally available in the territory of that Member State in the event of a dispute between the competent authorities and an economic operator.

Product Contact Points shall respond within 15 working days of receiving any request.

Product Contact Points shall not charge any fee for the provision of the information referred above. Fees may be charged for any additional information.

Contact Points for Construction Products:

Construction Products Sector
Technical Services
Ministry of Interior

Under the CPR, EU countries have to inform on their rules and regulations for construction products through national contact points.