Department of Town Planning and Housing-Urbanguard

The Project Activities
    Project activities have focused on an iterative step-by-step process outlined by the following specific objectives:

    · Identifying and documenting current spatial planning policies and goals for the urban areas of Cyprus
    · Identifying indicators suitable for measuring the sustainability of small towns, through the analysis of recommended indicators from the EU and international organisations and studies
    · Coordinating competent government bodies to promote a mutually agreed integrated indicator scheme and establish compatible monitoring and reporting practices
    · Selecting sustainability indicators appropriate for the urban areas of Cyprus through the integration of research findings, competent government body orientations and reporting requirements
    · Establishing an appropriate geo-reference scale suitable for each indicator at the metropolitan, municipality, Environmental Area, urban quarter or transportation corridor level
    · Obtaining agreement between competent authorities and a wide spectrum of stakeholders on a common set of indicators
    · Evaluating the tools available for monitoring and reporting in order to select tools based on their suitability for the required application and ensure compatibility with EU environmental reporting requirements
    · Establishing relevant monitoring and reporting tools and capabilities and developing a GIS-based spatial analysis tool
    · Designing the monitoring and reporting system structure so that it can accept and process data in the chosen geo-reference scales
    · Incorporating baseline land use data and other fundamental information into the system
    · Implementing the system reached at through consensus through a pilot run in an appropriately selected urban area in order to evaluate both the indicators themselves and the environmental reporting process
    · Documenting a methodology for the system’s ongoing implementation and training stakeholders in the use, evaluation and interpretation of indicators, as well as in the application of relevant software tools
    · Reporting and disseminating the project’s results

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