In order to submit an application for an entry/residence permit for a third-country national, it may be necessary to ensure the coverage of any costs of removal of the third-country national from Cyprus. This assurance is done by submitting a personal or group bank guarantee, or a declaration by the employer, with which he/she undertakes to bear the costs of the removal of the third-country national in the event that his/her removal is deemed necessary. To find out whether the submission of a bank guarantee or employer's declaration is required, as well as whether it is possible to submit a group bank guarantee, consult the list of supporting documents that must accompany the application depending on the category of residence you are interested in. You can find these lists by following the individual links on our website, depending on the residence category you are interested in.

The bank guarantee is returned only when at least one of the following reasons applies:- when a new employer's guarantee or a declaration on honour has been submitted for the specific third-country national to cover the cost of return of the third-country national. In the event that the amount of the bank guarantee has been placed at the disposal of the Civil Registry and Migration Department to cover the costs of return of the third-country national (i.e. it has been liquidated), the details of the bank account to which the deposit will be returned must be filled in the Declaration on honour. It is noted that in case the employer has passed away, the Declaration on honour for the return of the bank guarantee should be submitted by the permanent heir or administrator of the employer's property, - when the third-country national resides legally with another status (e.g. family member of a Cypriot or EU citizen),- when the third-country national does not finally arrive in the Republic, - when the third-country national has departed from the Republic and the Republic has not incurred removal costs.

You should submit a relevant written request to the Department.The request shall be submitted on the specified form, which, upon submission, must be completed and signed. Particular attention should be paid to the correct indication of the file number or ARC of the third country national for whom the return of the guarantee is requested and the number of the guarantee. The forms are submitted at the Civil Registry and Migration Department or at the Police Aliens and Immigration Units. They can also be sent by post, fax or email (as long as they are filled in, signed and scanned). When the Department examines the relevant request and if there is reason to return the guarantee, a relevant letter is sent to the interested party informing them for the return of guarantee. The letter is also communicated to the bank through which the guarantee was issued. On average, the guarantee is returned three (3) months after the request is sent to the Department, provided that at least one of the reasons mentioned above is valid.