For your convenience, if you have a question, please visit first the FAQs before contacting us.

Call Centre

  • 22 30 88 08
  • 22 30 88 11
Civil Registry and Migration Department
Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, 90,
1077, Nicosia

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Location and Parking

Fax: 22308742

Service hours

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Ways of communication
You can communicate with the Department by sending a written letter by mail or fax, sending email or by phone.

All correspondence sent to the Department should be addressed to the Director of the Civil Registry and Department and it should include the date, the name, surname and signature of the sender and the address to which an answer should be sent.

Information at hand for communicating with the Department

For your convenience, when contacting the Department in writing, you are urged to write the information describes below, which you should also have before you in case a telephone contact:
  • For Cypriots: ID number
  • For foreigners: file number of the case or the alien registration number (ARC). This data is presented on the receipt given for paying fees for an entry/ residence permit and the permit itself.
To find out whether an appointment is needed for submitting an application follow this link.

Complaints and Suggestions
If you wish to submit a suggestion or a complaint or wish to evaluate in any way the provided service at the service points of the central offices of the Department, you can complete the form that can be found at the end of this page and send it to

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