Border Management and Visa Instrument 2021-2027

Building up on the implementation of the 2014-2020 ISF-Borders and Visa instrument, the BMVI introduces more flexibility with part of the funding dedicated to a Thematic Facility. With this instrument, funds can be allocated to emerging or unforeseen needs and steered towards the changing EU priorities and evolving challenges.

Funding under the Thematic Facility will be allocated during the programming period through:

a. Shared management
b. Direct/Indirect management: including Union Actions and Emergency Assistance.

Union Actions comprise Calls for proposals, procurement, direct awards and delegation agreements.

For the components of the Thematic Facility, the Commission approves Work Programmes defining the priorities and objectives.

Information on the General provisions on the implementation of the Thematic Facility of BMVI in Regulation (EU ) 2021/1148, article 8.