Procedure to grant or renew a residence permit to victims of violence against women and domestic violence
The residence permit described below is granted by virtue of the Law on Prevention and Combating of Violence against women and domestic Violence, Law 115(I)/2021 (article 37)
Residence permit during the criminal procedure
  • The residence permit is granted only to victims of violence against women and domestic violence as described in Part II of Law 115(I)/2021, to assist in the police investigations or the judicial proceedings, provided that the victim has reported the offence at the Police and the Police has or will initiate investigations. For victims who are EU nationals, a Registration Certificate of limited validity is issued.
  • In order to grant a residence permit or issue a Registration Certificate to a person, the Department must firstly be duly notified by the Police.
  • The Department invites the person concerned to submit application MTE2 (or application MEU1 for EU nationals) at the central offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia.
  • No fee is charged for the submission of the application.
  • The application must be accompanied by a valid travel document (or other identification document in certain special cases) of the person concerned. Should that not be the case, the application is not accepted.
  • When submitting the application, the person is obliged to give biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) and specimen of his/her signature, by demonstrating the receipt and the valid travel document (or other identification document). For persons below the age of six (6) at the time of submitting the application, only a photograph is taken.
  • In case the application is approved, the person will be notified in writing to receive the residence permit.
  • In case the application is rejected, the person will receive a letter stating the reasons of rejection.
Examination period of MΤΕ2
The application examination time is about one (1) week.

Validity period of the residence permit / Registration Certificate

The residence permit / Registration Certificate is valid for one (1) year and can be renewed only if the prosecuting authorities deem this necessary.

Access to the labour market

Holders of this type of residence permit have free access to the labour market.