For the entry and residence of a third-country national for the purpose of employment in a drilling company for a period of less than three months, obtaining an entry permit is the only requirement. Entry for this purpose with an entry visa is not allowed.


  • The applications, together with the required documents as mentioned in the relevant list of supporting documents, are submitted only by the employer to the Department's offices in Nicosia. To find out whether an appointment is needed follow this link. All supporting documents submitted with the applications must be officially translated and duly certified/certified.
  • Applications that are not accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents will not be accepted for examination.
  • For the submission of the application, the necessary fees must also be submitted, as listed below.
  • In case of approval of the application, you will be notified by phone for its receipt from the offices of the Department.
  • In case of rejection, you will receive a letter with the reasons for the rejection decision.
The application fee is €50.

Application and supporting documents

Find the application form (MNSP) and the list of supporting documents here.

Examination time

The examination time of applications is approximately 3 weeks, provided that they are duly completed. This time limit does not apply if the information or documents submitted in the application are insufficient. In such a case, the examination time is increased.

Duration of entry permit

The entry permit issued must be used for arrival within the period indicated on it. The entry permit allows residence for a period not exceeding three months, which is indicated on the permit.