For the spouse and dependent children who temporarily do not meet the conditions for family reunification (e.g. due to the period of validity of passports or the duration of the marriage), temporary residence permits for dependent visitors may be issued. These family members can enter with a visa and then apply to the Department for a temporary residence permit.

In addition, with the recent revision of the Visitors' policy, applications for a temporary residence permit as a Dependent Visitor will also be accepted for the following persons, provided that the sponsor - employee at a company of foreign interests has sufficient resources (annual income of at least €24000, which is increased by 20% for the spouse or partner and by 15% for each child and dependent ascendant):
  • parents/in-laws;
  • partners, provided that their continuing relationship is proven;
  • adult children, provided that they are up to 25 years old or have not completed 1 year since the completion of their studies and their stay in Cyprus is justified.
Entry into the Republic
Entry into the Republic is permitted through the legal entry points with a Visa issued by the Republic’s Consular Authorities and with a valid travel document. Before the expiration of the Visa an application shall be submitted according to the procedure below.

Procedure for applications
  • For the acquisition or renewal of a residence permit to a visitor, an application (MVIS) must be submitted. The application should be accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. All supporting documents submitted in the context of applications must be officially translated and duly certified/certified.
  • Applications are submitted at the application submission offices. To find out whether an appointment is needed follow this link.
  • For the submission of the application, the necessary fees must be submitted, as listed below.
  • During the submission of the application, and in cases where there is no previous registration, a first registration shall be made in the Aliens Registry and an Alien Registration Card (ARC) will be issued.
  • For the issuance of the temporary residence permit capturing biometric data (photo and fingerprints) and the signature of the beneficiary is necessary, which is done with the presentation of the application submission receipt and a valid travel document. For persons who have not reached the age of six years at the time of applying only the photo is captured. This data is also captured for the renewal of the temporary residence permit.
  • In case the application is approved, the applicant will receive a letter notifying them of how to receive their residence permit.
  • In case the application is rejected, the applicant will receive a letter informing them of the rejection reasons.
  • Issuance or renewal of a residence permit: €70
  • Registration in the Aliens’ Register (only in cases of first registration): €70
Application examination time
Usually before the completion of four (4) months provided that the information or documents submitted in support of the application are sufficient.

Duration of validity of the residence permit
For ascendants, partners and children of employees of companies of foreign interests who will reside with a Dependent Visitor's residence permit, a temporary residence permit will be issued with a duration up to the validity of the sponsor's residence permit, provided that the immigration conditions are met and the validity period of their passport allows it.