The procedures for entering, residing and working in Cyprus in the context of an intra-corporate transfer depend on whether Cyprus is the First or Second Member State. Detailed information can be found in the following paragraphs.

Cyprus is the First Member State – Intra-corporate Transfer
When the transferee will reside and work longer in Cyprus, or if he/she will reside and work only in Cyprus, then Cyprus is the First Member State. In such a case, in order to enter, the transferee must obtain an entry permit if he/she meets the provisions of the Aliens and Immigration Legislation. For convenience, the conditions and documents on the basis of which it is proven that these provisions are met have been included in the lists of supporting documentation to be submitted with with the application for an intra-corporate transfer permit.

The application and its supporting documents for obtaining an entry permit are submitted when the third-country national is abroad, by the Cyprus company (employer). Applications are submitted at the Head Office of the CRMD (to find out whether an appointment is needed follow this link), with the payment of the fees set by Decree of the Minister of Interior:

  • Registration, Issuance of Entry Permit and Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit: €180
  • Issuance of Entry Permit and Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit (there is an ARC): €110
  • Renewal of Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit: €85
After securing the entry permit and the arrival of the third-country national in Cyprus, then all the other necessary documents must be presented to the Department. Upon delivery, the alien must register in the Aliens Register if they are not already registered, but also to provide their biometric data (fingerprints, photo) and their signature. The application shall be examined within 90 days from its submission, provided that it is fully completed and all the necessary documents have been presented. Otherwise, the deadline counts from the date of completion of the application.
If the application is approved, the intra-corporate transfer permit in the form of a card, with a duration as follows:
  • Directors: 3 years or equal to a transfer, whichever is less.
  • Specialists: 3 years or equal to a transfer, whichever is less.
  • Trainee Employees: 1 year or equal to a transfer, whichever is less.
The intra-corporate transfer permit entitles the transferee to be employed in any company in Cyprus that belongs to the same group as the one abroad. The intra-corporate transfer permit will indicate the main employer.

Cyprus is the Second Member State – Mobility
The procedures for entry, residence and work when Cyprus is the Second Member State, i.e. when the transferee will reside and work here for a shorter period of time than another EU Member State, depend on the length of time for which the transferee wishes to reside and work. To enable mobility, the transferee must hold a valid intra-corporate transfer permit from a first Member State, the duration of which must cover the entire period of mobility.