A family member of a Cypriot citizen who is a third-country national may enter the Republic with a visa from the consular authorities of the Republic abroad, or with an entry permit from the Department for which an application is submitted by the Cypriot citizen.

In case there is a valid residence permit, re-entry into Cyprus can be achieved upon presentation of the permit and a valid passport, provided that the person concerned has not remained outside the Republic for more than three months.

In case an application has been submitted for a residence permit that has not yet been examined, then re-entry to the Republic can be obtained with the payment receipt provided after the submission of the application fees, which bears a stamp allowing re-entry into Cyprus. In case of loss of the payment receipt, the interested parties, before their departure from the Republic, must apply to the Department for a request for a re-entry permit, explaining the reasons why they must travel while the application is still pending. The form is provided for completion on the spot and upon presentation of a valid passport and stamp duties of €10,25. Usually, the request is examined at the same time. As a rule, a re-entry permit is granted only for serious reasons (e.g. medical reasons).