On 06.12.2019, an amendment to the Aliens and Immigration Law was passed regarding the abolition of the employer's obligation to submit a bank guarantee for the purpose of granting a temporary residence and employment permit to a third-country national. With the amendment, for the purposes of granting a single work permit and a permit for seasonal work to a third-country national, the deposit of a bank guarantee by the employer to cover any removal costs is no longer required. In place of the bank guarantee, the employer of the third-country national shall submit a declaration on honour in which it is stated that the employer undertakes to bear the costs of the removal of the third-country national in the event that his/her removal is deemed necessary.

What is the Declaration on honour: A declaration on by which the employer undertakes to bear the costs of removing the third-country national he employs or used to employ, in the event that his removal is deemed necessary.

For which permits the Declaration on honour is submitted: Only for employment on the basis of a single permit (eg agricultural workers, domestic workers, cooks, travel agents, staff of foreign interest companies) and seasonal permit.

Who submits the Declaration on honour: The Declaration on honour is submitted by the employer or by an authorized person if written authorization is provided by the employer.