The entry and residence for third-country nationals who are family members of a Cypriot citizen is governed by the Aliens and Immigration Law (Cap. 105). For the family members of Cypriot citizens who are nationals of third countries, a policy is applied for facilitating them.

The following third-country nationals are considered family members of a Cypriot citizen
  • Third country nationals who have conducted a marriage or a civil union with a Cypriot citizen. 
  • Direct ascendants of a minor Cypriot citizen who are third-country nationals, provided that the parental care and any right of communication with the child, has not been deprived by a Court decision. 
  • Direct descendants of a Cypriot citizen as well as those of his/her spouse, who are under age of 21 or are dependent on the Cypriot citizen. 
  • Dependant direct ascendants of a Cypriot citizen as well as those of his/her spouse.
Retention of residence right
In case of divorce, marriage annulment or death of the Cypriot citizen the third-country national can apply for a residence permit as other family member of Cypriot citizen, given that the marriage lasted for a long period of time and the couple had entered a common long-term legal or financial commitment, they shared parental responsibilities and the third-country national does not have a problematic immigration record, etc. These persons retain a residence right exclusively on a personal basis.

Other family members who are facilitated

Family members who are E.U./ E.E.A. citizens.

Family members who are citizens of the United Kingdom with free movement.