Civil Defence

Assessment Mission Course is one of the courses of the European Mechanism of Civil Protection (UCPM). It first took place in 2006, by a consortium consisting of Cyprus Civil Defence, the German THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and the German Johanniters until today. From June 2020 and its eighteenth cycle, it will be organised by the Cyprus Civil Defence and THW but also the Austrian Civil Protection and the Austrian Red Cross.
The course is about assessing the needs of a country at the aftermath of a disaster and reporting to ERCC (Emergency Response and Coordination Centre) in Brussels. The trainees visit the site of disaster and collect data from the authorities of the country. The peculiarity in the case of Cyprus is that it involves no role playing as the trainees meet real officials they would meet in an actual event. The scenario is based on a destructive earthquake that struck Cyprus and a tsunami that followed.