Civil Defence

The members of the rescue team attend systematic training on a weekly basis on various matters such as search and rescue after an earthquake, firefighting, water pumping, search for missing persons, evacuation of population etc. The teams have modern equipment at their disposal to be able to carry out their mission. Till today, they have responded to hundreds of incidents for humanitarian assistance or disaster tackling.

Medevac Team

The mission of the Medevac Team is to participate in search and rescue operations, under the coordination of the Cyprus Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC). The team is staffed by doctors and nurses who are rescuers volunteers of the Force and have attended specific training courses, in subjects of treating and transporting patients or injured people with air or navigable means.

Team of Detector dogs

The Civil Defence maintains a team of detector dogs (5 dogs) which are trained in finding missing persons under ruined buildings or elsewhere, by volunteers - dog trainers. The role of this team is to support the rescue teams in real incidents and take part in trainings and exercises, both in Cyprus and abroad.