In order to submit an application for an entry/residence permit for a third-country national, it may be necessary to ensure the coverage of any costs of removal of the third-country national from Cyprus. This assurance is done by submitting:

  • a personal or group bank guarantee, or
  • a declaration by the employer in the specified form, with which he/she undertakes to bear the costs of the removal of the third-country national in the event that his/her removal is deemed necessary.
To find out whether the submission of a bank guarantee or employer's declaration is required, as well as whether it is possible to submit a group bank guarantee, consult the list of supporting documents that must accompany the application depending on the category of residence you are interested in. You can find these lists by following the individual links on our website, depending on the residence category you are interested in.
For more information follow the links below.

Electronic money institutions operating in the Republic cannot provide bank guarantee issuing services.

  • Employer's declaration on honour
  • Bank guarantee
  • Return of bank guarantee