You should report the loss of your document to the Police and submit an application for your document to be reissued.

Any person who finds a document that does not belong to him/ her should hand it over to the authority that issued it, or to the nearest Police station or Consular Authority of the Republic.

You may use the SMS notification service.


From the application submission office where you submitted your application.

It usually takes about 10 working days - from the time of submission of the application to the date of collection. However, this time may increase depending on the volume of applications received but also due to other factors, such as, for example, system upgrades, maintenance procedures, etc. The time applicable at all times is communicated to the applicants during the submission of their application. It is understood that for applications submitted to the Consular Authorities of the Republic, the delivery time is significantly longer and it is communicated to the applicants during the submission of their application.

If your ID is of an older type but has an expiry date it will continue to be valid until its expiry date. Therefore, you do not need to replace it. The old types of IDs, which do not have an expiry date, will be valid until 3 August 2026, when they will be phased out. In this regard, holders of identity cards, which do not bear an expiry date, should replace them by 3 August 2026 at the latest. The phase-out is mandatory and a result of Regulation (EU) 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of 20 June 2019 on strengthening the security of identity cards of Union citizens and of residence documents issued to Union citizens and their family members exercising their right of free movement.

The new IDs carry more sophisticated security features, which increase their protection against forgery and counterfeiting. The new IDs are issued based on Regulation (EU) 2019/1157.