If you hold a valid temporary residence permit, you can re-enter Cyprus by presenting the permit and valid passport, provided that you have not stayed abroad for more than three months.

You should apply for the renewal/re-issuance of your residence permit, with the new passport data, by presenting the new passport and its copy and the previous passport or its copy. It is understood that the relevant renewal/re-issuance fees and the relevant procedure including biometric data and signature collection apply.

The competent authority is the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO). For information on the GHS (GESY) beneficiaries follow this link.

You should apply for the renewal of your residence permit at least one month before the expiry of your current residence permit. You should therefore make sure to arrange your appointment on time.

You should report the loss of your document to the Police and submit an application for your document to be reissued.

Until your application is examined, you will not face any problems with the Police. In the event of an inspection, you may present proof of submission of your application. This does not apply in cases of application regarding immigration permits and long term residence status.

Any person who finds a document that does not belong to him/ her should hand it over to the authority that issued it, or to the nearest Police station or Consular Authority of the Republic.

You should visit the service points of the Department's main offices and present your residence permit explaining to the service officer the error you have detected. You should also leave your contact phone number. The service officer will keep your residence permit and inform the relevant officer, who will review the case. If there is indeed an error made by the Department, the officer will contact you to explain the next steps to correct the error. If there is finally no error and the service officer will again contact you for further action.

Check if the payment receipt given to you when you paid the fees for your application bears a stamp allowing re-entry into Cyprus. If so, then you should take this receipt with you and present it with your passport on the return journey. Before your trip, you should check with the destination country (embassy) if you need to secure a visa for that country. If there were no fees for your residence permit application (ie the fees were €0) and so you do not have a receipt, then you will need to visit the Department's head office to apply for a re-entry permit.The application form can be found here. Application for re-entry.
You must take your passport with you, stamps amounting to €10.25 stamps. Usually, the application is examined on the spot. If you have lost your receipt or if it is not stamped, you should apply to the Department for a re-entry permit explaining the reasons why you need to travel while your application is pending. As a rule, a re-entry permit is granted only for serious reasons (eg health) and for travel for other reasons you will have to wait for the issuance of your residence permit.

If the application is approved, you will receive a notification of receipt of the residence permit. In case the application is rejected, you will receive a relevant letter. All correspondence will be sent to the address stated on the application.

You may use the SMS notification service.

Visit the office where you submitted your application, and present the SMS message you received to collect your residence permit.

The employment of a third-country national in Cyprus depends on the specific employment category. - For certain categories, the employer must hold a permit to employ third-country nationals from the Department of Labor. Such cases are, for example, workers in agriculture and animal husbandry, seasonal workers, etc. - For categories where the third-country national has free access to the labor market, the employer is not required to hold an employment permit for third-country nationals from the Labor Department. Such cases are, for example, third-country nationals who are family members of a Cypriot citizen or an EU citizen. and long-term residents. - There are also categories for which the employer must meet specific criteria which are checked by the Civil Registry and Migration Department. Such a case is, for example, domestic work. - There are additional categories for which the employer must obtain a permit/registration/approval from other authorities. Such cases are, for example, employment in companies of foreign interest that need approval from the Business Facilitation Unit (BFU) operated by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, athletes/coaches that need approval from the relevant Federation. For the employment of a third-country national, a relevant residence permit must be issued. For other cases and for more information about the criteria and procedures you can visit the relevant links on our website.

No, you can only work at the employer stated on your residence permit.

No, a visitor’s residence permit does not allow employment.

From the application submission office where you submitted your application.