Call centre - 22308808, 22308811 The department is located at Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, 90, 1077, Nicosia.

For people visiting the Department, there is free parking space. Persons with disabilities can park in designated parking spots inside the Department's parking area upon presentation of a disability card. The parking area for persons with disabilities is accessible from Saronikou Street.For cyclists, bike parking racks are available in front of the Department's building on Archbishop Makarios III Avenue. Service hours can be found here.

The capturing of biometric data is based on national legislation which transposes EU legislation. Biometric data are the facial image as well as fingerprints. As part of this procedure, the applicant's signature is also captured. The main purpose of capturing biometric data is to identify the person and to effectively deal with the use of false travel documents and impersonation.

Yes, you can submit an application through a duly authorized representative. You can authorize a representative using the relevant form on the following link. Please note that the procedure for the application you are interested in, might involve capturing biometrics and, in this case, the applicant shall be present.Authorisation of Representative

The competent authority is the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO). For information on the GHS (GESY) beneficiaries follow this link.

You should report the loss of your document to the Police and submit an application for your document to be reissued.

You may use the SMS notification service.

The employment of a third-country national in Cyprus depends on the specific employment category. - For certain categories, the employer must hold a permit to employ third-country nationals from the Department of Labor. Such cases are, for example, workers in agriculture and animal husbandry, seasonal workers, etc. - For categories where the third-country national has free access to the labor market, the employer is not required to hold an employment permit for third-country nationals from the Labor Department. Such cases are, for example, third-country nationals who are family members of a Cypriot citizen or an EU citizen. and long-term residents. - There are also categories for which the employer must meet specific criteria which are checked by the Civil Registry and Migration Department. Such a case is, for example, domestic work. - There are additional categories for which the employer must obtain a permit/registration/approval from other authorities. Such cases are, for example, employment in companies of foreign interest that need approval from the Business Facilitation Unit (BFU) operated by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, athletes/coaches that need approval from the relevant Federation. For the employment of a third-country national, a relevant residence permit must be issued. For other cases and for more information about the criteria and procedures you can visit the relevant links on our website.

No, you can only work at the employer stated on your residence permit.


It usually takes about 10 working days - from the time of submission of the application to the date of collection. However, this time may increase depending on the volume of applications received but also due to other factors, such as, for example, system upgrades, maintenance procedures, etc. The time applicable at all times is communicated to the applicants during the submission of their application. It is understood that for applications submitted to the Consular Authorities of the Republic, the delivery time is significantly longer and it is communicated to the applicants during the submission of their application.