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Kofinou Reception and Accommodation Center for Applications for Internationl Protection

First Reception Center POURNARA in Kokkinotrimithia

The First Reception Center POURNARA is located in the community of Kokkinotrimithia, in the province of Nicosia, and first operated as a First Reception Center in November 2018. At POURNARA, all individuals entering the Republic irregularly for public safety and health purposes are referred for the execution of standard operating procedures (fingerprinting, investigative checks, medical examinations for communicable diseases, etc.).
The average stay at the Center is about 15 days and during this time the residents are not allowed to move outside the Center. Various services are provided to the residents at the Center, such as, catering, guarding, service, social support and care, medical services, social activities, and others.

The Center is in the process of upgrading with direct assignment from the European Commission to the International Organization for Migration Greece and the partial support of the EUAA (European Union Agency for Asylum) in prefabricated units, with 100% financing and is expected to be completed in 2024 with a capacity of up to 2000 people and additional spaces for mass flows.

Contact phones:
(+357) 22-315449,
(+357) 96-141800 - 24-hour service

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