Republic of Cyprus
Asylum Service

Reception and Accommodation Center for Applications for Internationl Protection

The Asylum Service is the competent authority for the creation and operation of Reception Centers.

According to the Refugee Law, the Asylum Service may:

    (a) Lease services from other organizations for the management of the operation of reception centers in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Regulation of Public Contract Procedures and Related Matters and the Regulations issued under it, or
    (b) delegate its jurisdiction to the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior.

Regardless of the leasing or delegation of services, the Asylum Service must supervise the smooth operation of the Reception Centers it manages. For this purpose, it can issue recommendations and instructions to the organizations responsible for the management and smooth operation of the Centers.

The Asylum Service at this stage manages a First Reception Center and two Accommodation Centers:

    1. First Reception Center POURNARA in Kokkinotrimithia,

    2. Reception and Accommodation Center for International Protection Applicants in Kofinou,

    3. Accommodation Center LIMNES, in Menogeia.

First Reception Center POURNARA in Kokkinotrimithia
Kofinou Reception and Accomodation Center for Applicants for International Protection
Accommodation Center LIMNES, in Menogeia

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