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Information campaign to prevent irregular migration.

The prevention of irregular immigration is one of the most important priorities of the Ministry of the Interior, at the basis of the Government's immigration policy.

As a measure to prevent migration flows, it is to inform would-be migrants before they start their journey of irregular migration.

An information campaign has therefore been designed and launched, in collaboration with the Press and Information Office, which includes an online and social media campaign in the migrants' home countries themselves.

Through the campaign, among others:

● The dangers of irregular immigration are presented and the realistic picture of the immigration situation in Cyprus is highlighted through authentic immigrant stories, interviews with officials, accurate numbers and valid data.
● Correct information is given about the immigration and asylum system in Cyprus.
● The myths and lies of traffickers are mentioned, who take advantage of human suffering, falsely presenting Cyprus as a first intermediate destination, with the prospect of moving to other European member states. As a result of this disinformation by the circuits, a large number of irregular immigrants are "trapped" in Cyprus, ignoring the fact that Cyprus is an island and a country, where the "Schengen" acquis does not apply.

The campaign focuses on the countries of sub-Saharan Africa (eg Nigeria), from where, according to data, there is an increased number of irregular migrants.

To visit the campaign website, click here.

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Information campaign to prevent irregular migration.