European Funds Unit

Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

Measure 7: Basic services and village renewal in rural areas

Projects approved for funding under Measure 7 in the context of the 1st call for proposals.

ProjectBeneficiaryBudget € (incl. VAT)*
Visitors information centre about the natural environment of the area of Trachypedoula village Paphos District Administration469.000
Regional educational centre for rural occupations in the village of KoiliPaphos District Administration1.863.000
Centre of environmental education in the village of Koilani (Phase A') Limassol District Administration496.140
Polythematic education and entertainment public space in the village of Agros Limassol District Administration590.115
Tourist information centre in the village of Moutoullas – «Water Routes»Nicosia District Administration382.016
Regeneration of the village centre of PanagiaPaphos District Administration840.000
Conversion of the Metochi of Kykkos building into a Cultural centre in the village of Polemi Paphos District Administration1.170.007
Reconstruction of the main square of Pano Leykara municipality (Phase A') Town Planning and Housing Department700.000
Restoration of the old watermill of PlatanistasaNicosia District Administration473.363
Reconstruction of the surrounding spaces of the old elementary school buildings in the village of Kato Drys, and their conversion into a park for alternative cultural activities and sports. Larnaka District Administration729.950
Centre for the provision of social services in the municipality of SotiraFamagusta District Administration1.730.870
Reconstruction and regeneration of the village centre of Korakou (Phase A') Nicosia District Administration814.938
Spilia village cultural centreNicosia District Administration416.042
Construction of a linear park in the village of ZygiLarnaka District Administration384.905
Construction of a regional information centre about the geology and palaeontology of the Akamas region in the village of Pano ArodesPaphos District Administration499.925
Regional Multifunctional/Cultural Centre of Akamas – Spaces for education, entertainment and athleisure for the young in the village of KathikasPaphos District Administration1.221.680
Creation of a centre for exhibiting species of reptiles and amphibians native to the region of Akamas in the village of Neo ChorioPaphos District Administration340.618
Reconstruction of the central square of Ayios Minas and other public spaces in the village of Neo ChorioPaphos District Administration626.727
Creation of free access wi-fi hotspots in rural municipalities and communitiesDepartment of Electrical and Mechanical Services589.050

*The budget of the projects includes VAT since it is eligible for funding in the context of RDP 2014-2020