European Funds Unit

The EFU has been designated as an Implementation Unit of the Managing Authority (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment) and as a contractor of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation, for Measure 7 «Basic Services and Village Renewal in Rural Areas», of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

The competent authority for the execution of payments and the allocation of grants to the Beneficiaries is the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (CAPO). Internal checks, in regards to the correct application of the Measure, may be conducted by CAPO, while the General Auditor of the Republic may also conduct checks on a yearly basis.

The EFU will continue to execute its duties as an Implementation Unit for the new Measure which will be included in the Rural Development Programme 2021-2027.

Brief description of EFU’s duties as an implementation Unit for Measure 7:

    - Disseminating information towards all interested parties in all matters related to the Measure.

    - Preparing and distributing the necessary material/documentation

    - Receiving and classifying submitted proposals, checking the participation requirements and the necessary supportive documentation. Full administrative support of the Measure.

    - Evaluating proposals, selection of projects and induction of projects into the Measure.

    - Monitoring the procedures for the implementation and completion of projects until the final payment towards the Beneficiaries

    - Conducting on the spot technical checks, as well as accounting and administrative on the spot desk checks.

    - Monitoring the operation of the co-funded projects for a period of 5 years after the approval of the last payments towards the Beneficiaries

    - Submitting data to the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme, for the purpose of preparing the Annual Report in regards to the implementation of the Measure.

    - Submitting payment requests, on behalf of the beneficiaries, to CAPO, and submitting annual written reports regarding the implementation progress of Measure 7 and the relevant checks conducted.