European Funds Unit

One of the main responsibilities of the European Funds Unit is to organize and publish calls for proposals, as well as to organize and publish the selection of finalists and the award of projects to be funded under the National Program, in accordance with the objectives of the specific regulations referred to in Article 2 (a) of Regulation (EU) No. 514/2014 and the criteria set out in Article 9 of Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 1042/2014.

During the Programming Period 2014-2020, the European Fund Unit organized a total of six calls for proposals.

1Guidelines for Publicity and Information 2014-2020
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/01 - 2015
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/02 - 2015
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/01 - 2016
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/01 - 2018
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/02 - 2018
1ΥΕ/ΥΑ/ΤΑΜΕ/01 - 2019