European Funds Unit

The European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, as appointed by the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO), is the implementing body for Measure 7: Basic services and village renewal in rural areas, of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.
Some examples of indicative interventions which are covered by Measure 7 are the following:

• Regeneration/protection of public spaces (village squares, pedestrian walkways, village centres and roads, green spaces and parks, outdoor space equipment, linear parks, etc.)

• Restoration of the facades of public and private buildings.

• Youth centres and Centres for creative activities for children.

• Day care centres for the elderly or for individuals with disabilities.

• Upgrading the existing broadband network infrastructure through the provision of wireless access in key spots of rural areas.

• Infrastructure for housing basic services (including Community markets, Centres of social activities, Cultural/Multifunctional centres, Centres for the integration and mobilization of inactive individuals).

• Thematic routes

• Information/Tourist centres

• Construction of tourist shelters/kiosks