European Funds Unit

Within the framework of the Programming Period 2014-2020 and in particular within the framework of Priority Axis "Sustainable Urban Development" of the Operational programme “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development”, the EFU has to date signed eight (8) Decisions of Inclusion of Projects amounting approximately to €60 million.

Seven (7) of these projects are implemented by the Municipality of Paphos while the eighth project which is the Renovation of Eleftheria Square – Phase B, is implemented by the Municipality of Nicosia by phases (phasing project).

- Upgrading and Unification of public roads of the Commercial Traditional Centre, improvement of traffic management and enhancement of Kennedy Square in Paphos;
- Connection and Enhancement of 28 October, Kostis Palamas and Dionysios Solomos Squares in Paphos;
- Renovation, Restyling and Enhancement of Areas in Mouttalou Quarter in Pafos;
- Renovation and enhancement of the Markideio Municipal Theatre and surroundings in Paphos;
- Restoration of the former “Attikon” Cinema in Pafos;
- Restoration and use of Chani tou Ibrahim in Pafos;
- Restoration και landscaping of the Municipal Market in Paphos;
- Renovation of Eleftheria Square and Surroundings – Phase B.