European Funds Unit

For the Programming Period 2007-2013, the European Funds Unit (EFU) of the Ministry of Interior was appointed as the Intermediate Body for the interventions related to the regeneration of the urban and rural areas of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development”. The projects that have been implemented were co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the EU.

As the Intermediate Body, the EFU was responsible for the calls for proposals, the evaluation and inclusion of projects, as well as for the monitoring and control of the implementation of co-funded projects.

During the Programming Period 2007-2013, the EFU signed 22 Decisions of Inclusions of Projects of a total budget of approximately €127 million. 20 of these projects were completed within the framework of the Programming Period 2007-2013 and two of them are phasing projects of the Programming Period 2014-2020.

Special target: Development of mountain areas and improvement of accessibility

ProjectBeneficiaryCertified expenditure
Construction of a square at Ineia communityPaphos District Administration1,370,249.89
Formation of a square at Salamiou (Phase II & III)Paphos District Administration829,234.10
Transformation of the Old Lysos School into a Cultural CentrePaphos District Administration1,086,465.82
Dymes Cultural CentreLimassol District Administration774,739.33
Renovation of a Part of the Arsos Community Traditional CoreTown Planning & Housing Department790,299.71
Renovation of the Central quare and Creation of a Cultural Centre at Agioi Vavatsinias CommunityLarnaca District Administration949,815.13
Creation of a Cultural Centre at Odou CommunityLarnaca District Administration542,357.57
Preparation of Regulatory Plans (Action Plans) for Rural RegionsTown Planning & Housing Department4,587,985.27
Creation of a Multipurpose Cultural Centre at the former Primary School of Polystypos and Formation of Outdoor Spaces for Cultural Events and ActivitiesNicosia District Administration1,703,143.46
Renovation of Kalopanayiotis Traditional Core – Elevator and other additional works (Ongoing Projects)Nicosia District Administration2,054,813.11

Special Target: Diversification of the Economic Base

ProjectBeneficiaryCertified expenditure
Promotion of Tourism ProductCyprus Tourism Organisation1,955,159.19

Special Target: Regeneration the of urban environment and promotion of entrepreneurship

ProjectBeneficiaryCertified expenditure
Renovation of Limassol City CentreMunicipality of Limassol17,926,543.07
Multipurpose Coastal Park in Limassol – Renovation of the City CentreMunicipality of Limassol11,848,026.13
Linear Park along the Garyllis River, LimassolMunicipality of Limassol14,382,966.01
Renovation of a Part of Kaimakli Traditional CoreMunicipality of Nicosia4,659,063.28
Renovation of a Part of Taht-el-kale quarter within the walled city of NicosiaMunicipality of Nicosia5,477,277.63
Renovation of the Old Town Hall Square within the walled city of Nicosia (this is a phasing project)Municipality of Nicosia4,557,264.75
Renovation of Eleftheria Square and its Surroundings (this is a phasing project)Municipality of Nicosia8,710,963.77
Renovation of Three Squares of Larnaka Urban CentreMunicipality of Larnaca3,418,438.49
Improvement of Piale Pasha street, LarnakaMunicipality of Larnaca9,161,560.95
Renovation – Formation of Paphos Coastal FrontMunicipality of Paphos6,618,433.00

Special target: Promotion of cultural resources and creation of cultural social infrastructures

ProjectBeneficiaryCertified expenditure
Restoration of Patticheio Theatre, LimassolMunicipality of Limassol7,866,671.85